Hotel a restaurant

Parkhotel Terezín

Our hotel is located near the center of a historically significant ciry Terezín, on a quiet street near the city park. We offer accommodations up to 67 guests in 24 rooms for one person, two people,three people or four people. Each of the rooms have their own bathroom and toilet, has a TV, has an option to listen to a radio, and it's own WIFI. There's a possibility of parking cars or buses in front of the hotel.


A part of the hotel is a restaurant, which serves not only hotel guests but also tourists and the general public. The restaurant seats up to 200 people. Due to its size, it can be used for organising various social events and cataring for large groups. We offer dishes of traditional Czech and foreign cuisine in a clean non-smoking enviroment. In the redtaurant you will also find a conference room for about 60 people. A screen and a projector are available for rent.


A five minute walk from the hotel is a golf course Kotlina. The confluence of the Elbe and Ohře between Terezín and Lutoměřice offers an ideal enviroment for romantic walks. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip on the Elbe to the German border (Czech-Saxon Switzerland).